Our History

Our history

Our Mission


Aurora Day Camp is a proud member of the Sunrise Association, whose mission is to bring back the joys of childhood to children with cancer and their siblings worldwide. Sunrise accomplishes this through the creation and oversight of welcoming, inclusive summer day camps, year-round programs and in-hospital recreational activities, all offered free of charge.

The First Camp

The first Sunrise Day Camp opened its doors in New York during the summer of 2006.  The camp – the first of its kind in the entire world –  offered a free, full summer day camp experience to children affected by cancer. Now in its fourteenth year, Sunrise is an independent 501(c)3, providing services to over 6,000 children annually through its day camps and year-round programs – both in and outside our affiliated hospital network.

Aurora Opens
Summer Camp in Atlanta

Aurora Day Camp opened its doors in June 2018 as Georgia’s first and only 6-week long summer day camp for children with cancer and their siblings, ages 3 1⁄2-16, who are in active or follow-up treatment for cancer.  More than 90 children enrolled the first summer, and our camping community continues to grow!

Aurora Launches In-Hospital Programming

In 2018, Aurora launched its signature in-hospital programming called Aurora on Wheels at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  Aurora on Wheels takes camp-like activities, packs them into a tie-dyed trunk, and wheels them into clinics at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  Our fun trunk is filled to the brim with interactive toys, games, art projects and more!

Aurora Creates Year-Round Fun

After our first season of summer camp, we launched Aurora Fun-days as a special way for our campers to stay connected with each-other and their favorite counselors . These activity days make sure the friendships, smiles and laughter of summer camp continue throughout the year!

Sunrise Association Camps

Aurora Day Camp • Atlanta, GA

Horizon Day Camp • Baltimore, MD

Horizon Day Camp  •  Metro DC

Sunrise Day Camp • Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Sunrise Israel • Be’er Sheva, Israel

Sunrise Israel • Beit Yehoshuah, Israel

Sunrise Israel • Ramat Yochanan, Israel

SunriseVX • Virtual Experience

We work towards a world where cancer will not be the defining factor in a child’s life; where children and families navigating the difficult world of pediatric cancer can find hope, love, and an extra ray of sunshine; where cultural diversity is embraced and every child is celebrated for who they are and for the unique gifts they bring into the world.

Fun Is Mandatory: Aurora is children just being children – having fun playing and laughing together. We want every child, even if they can attend for only a day, to have the best day ever!

Inclusivity and Diversity: Aurora is part of a worldwide organization made up of people from every walk of life who recognize and embrace the unique journey of each child. Aurora actively seeks to create inclusive communities – whether at camp or in the hospitals – that celebrate diversity and equity among all children and staff while respecting both the differences and the commonalities that bind us together as a human family.

Hope & Healing: While we may not be able to cure cancer, Aurora can provide the healing of the heart as well as the hope that each child can experience the true meaning of childhood.