Urgent Campaign

A very personal letter from

Arnie Preminger

President, CEO and Founder of Sunrise Day Camps Association


Now we know…


Like you, I had never been told to stay inside, never scared that I could catch something which – while benign to others – could be deadly to me.  I never thought about having to wash my hands every time I touched something that a stranger might have been near.  I never worried about who prepared my food, about going to the drugstore . . . about hugging my own children.


In short, I never knew what it felt like to be part of a family in which a child has cancer.


I have come to understand that my new routines are their old ones; that what we are feeling today is what far too many of our families must deal with every day.  It has made me more determined to protect what we have built, while at the same time immediately reshaping our core services to meet the rapidly emerging needs of our families brought on by this crisis.


In response to school closings and the suspension of our in-hospital programs, we launched our first new initiative – Sunrise on Screens – a YouTube based-video project that brings the magic of Aurora and Sunrise Association Day Camps right into our campers’ homes and hospital rooms.  Immediately following that launch we sent out hundreds of “funletters” to the children in hospital waiting rooms throughout the country, filled with puzzles, stories and games to make the time go faster.  In the days ahead, we will launch a live, interactive video-based experience through which our children can join in camp activities and – even if just for a few minutes – forget all about cancer and Covid-19.   


We also initiated a comprehensive effort to gather resources community by community, the result of which is a new Information and Referral serviceSupport from Aurora – created to guide our families to relevant organizations, whatever their need may be.  We assigned more than 35 staff to personally call every one of our families – both past and present – just to touch base, check on them, and make sure they knew how to access these resources.

Our commitment and determination to give our children the magic of childhood in 2020 remains unyielding. What shape these programs will take will be guided by our medical team, as safety must always remain our highest priority.  But one way or another we will give our kids a great summer.  The coronavirus may limit our activities, but never our imaginations.


But we need your help to do this.


The current crisis has forced us to either cancel, postpone or virtualize all our major fundraisers, leaving us with a budget shortfall.  This is where we need you *– our Aurora family – to help us do the rest.

Beginning today and running through June 20th – the first official day of summer – Sunrise Association will be running a one-time, $500,000 fundraising campaign to assure that, when this crisis ends and we come out of our homes and back into the sunlight, they won’t have to stay in theirs.

A generous donor has offered to match all donations, up to $250,000, to help us reach our campaign goal.  Donate today and make your gift count twice!


Now more than ever, we need you.  Because now more than ever, they need us.


Aurora.  Because They Need Our Magic Now.


To learn more or donate today, please click HERE.


With deepest gratitude,



*We recognize that each person reading this email is experiencing personal challenges right now. If your own financial or health challenges are weighing heavily on you at this time, kindly disregard or defer this plea to better days. And please let us know if we can be of any help to you during this period of uncertainty.  Aurora is family; we’re all in this togetherA